Guard Training

California BSIS Unarmed Guard Card Application Process

Forms and Certificate Processing Timeframes

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Certificates and forms are emailed 2-business days after successfull course completion.

We need 2 business days to process course completions, generate paperwork and complete our logs required by state regulations.

Weekends and holidays are NOT business days. Business days are Monday through Friday.

For example:

Day Completed Email Expected
Monday Wednesday evening
Tuesday Thursday evening
Wednesday Friday evening
Thursday Monday evening
Friday Tuesday evening
Saturday Tuesday evening
Sunday Tuesday evening

We appreciate your patience.

Final Steps (after completing Part 1)

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Congratulations! You are nearly done with the course. The following information will aid you in properly completing the course and submitting your application and fees to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

Ensure all of the information in your student Profile is correct.

WE ISSUE CERTIFICATES BASED UPON THE INFORMATION IN THE PROFILE. Whatever appears in your profile, in whatever form, is what appears on your certificate of completion, application and Live Scan forms. For example, if your name in the Profile is in ALL CAPS, it will appear on the certificate of completion in ALL CAPS. If your name is misspelled in your profile, it will appear on your certificate of completion misspelled. If your address is incorrect in your Profile, it will appear on your forms incorrectly as well. A script pulls the information from your profile and places it into the forms (we do not re-type the information).

We are not responsible for bad information in the Profile. We can only work with what we are provided. Invalid or bogus information (such as bad names or social security numbers) may result in the application being REJECTED BY THE BSIS.

Double-check your Profile information NOW, before taking the Lesson 2 Final Examination.

Complete and Submit Forms, Pay Fees

The final steps are to:

  1. Complete Live Scan.
    This is the digital fingerprinting/background check. Around a $75 fee is paid to the Live Scan operator.
  2. Complete and submit the "Application for Security Guard Registration."
    $51 application fee is paid to the BSIS.

Live Scan (digital fingerprinting) must be taken in person. There are Live Scan facilities all over the state. Use the following link to find the closest facility to you:

The application must be completed and submitted AFTER the Live Scan is submitted.

A video on how to complete the application/forms can be found below.

How to complete and submit the California Application for Security Guard Registration and Live Scan forms

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This video tutorial walks the student through completing and submitting the proper paperwork for the California BSIS unarmed Application for Security Guard Registration and Live Scan forms. Information includes walking the student through each question and section of the application and Live Scan forms plus paying the appropriate fees.

BSIS Application Processing Timeframes

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Wondering how long the BSIS is taking to process applications? Click the links below to find out!

The table linked below lists the curent date from which the BSIS is processing applications. For example, if the date listed in March 8, the BSIS is processing application received on or before March 8th. If your application was submitted after that date, then the BSIS has not even looked at your application yet.

Initial Applications

Renewal Applications

If you have not heard from the Bureau within 6 weeks from submission of a BreEZe online application or 8 weeks from submission of a paper application, email the Bureau at

BSIS Timeframe Example

Common Issues that can Delay Licensure

  1. The application submitted is outdated (i.e. did not use the current version on the Bureau's website or referenced on the website).
  2. The application is incomplete (i.e. required information is missing or the application is not signed).
  3. The name on the application form does not match the name entered by the Live Scan Operator. For example using "Don" and "Donald" or hyphenated and unhyphenated names. TIP: Use the same name on your application that is on your Driver's License.
  4. The personal identifier information (social security number, individual tax identification number, or date of birth) listed on the application does not match the personal identifier information entered by the Live Scan Operator.
  5. The live scan form used does not match the application type (i.e. using a "proprietary private security officer" live scan form instead of a "security guard" live scan form when applying for a security guard registration).
  6. The fee amount paid is incorrect.
  7. DOJ and/or FBI rejecting the fingerprint impressions due to poor quality. Fingerprint rejections require the applicant to resubmit fingerprints.
  8. Delays in DOJ and FBI fingerprint responses. The Bureau has no control over the time it takes for the DOJ and FBI to provide their responses to the Bureau.
  9. Criminal history information received on an applicant from DOJ and/or FBI requires Bureau staff to review and assess the information in its totality to determine the applicant’s fitness for licensure.